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He was born on March 6,1695 in Urmín (Mojmírovce) and passed away on December 1, 1771 in Hungarian Čemer.

His destiny was very interesting. He came from original Serbian aristocrat family, who in the half of the 17th century gained land in today’s territory of Slovakia. His father Ján Grasalkovič was the administrator of Beckov castle. His mother Zuzana, nee Egrešdi. Anton was married three times and raised 4 daughters and two sons.

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He studied at gymnasium in Nitra and private law in Trnava with Andrej Dubnický. He pledged attorney’s allegiance in 1715. He was notary of royal tribunal. From 1720 he was attorney of Vác’s bishop’s office and royal attorney, from 1724 chamber advisor, 1731 royal personal, 1751 guardian of the Hungarian crown jewels, he was real secret advisor, royal horseman, Arad and Newcastle’s provincial.

Disciple of Hapsburgs, expert in Hungarian law, national economy, good organizer. With his lobbying in the Hungarian senate he contributed to election of František Lotrinský, the husband of Maria Theresia, to became her co ruler. With his merit of arming and supplying the army, the army was successful in Prussian- Austrian wars.
Under his leadership the royal income grew. He designed and realized plan for simplification of activities of chamber, he helped solving problems with foreign trade, collecting duties, and he dealt with strengthening of currency. For all this he was enjoying favor of Hapsburgs, especially of Maria Therezia.
With royal donations, marriage and also with purchases, he gained vast holdings, mainly on territory between rivers Tisa and Danube freed from the Turks which together with gained titles placed his relatively small yeoman family between the largest Hungarian magnate families. 

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In the today’s territory of Slovakia he owned Komjatice (together with Kmeťovo, Upper and Lowe Vinodol, Černík) Ivanka by Danube. He build the presidential palace in Bratislava the Grasalkovič Palace.

 He contributed to Baroque reconstruction of Bratislava's castle, financially supported the construction of Piarist church in Nitra, financed the construction of Manor house in Komjatice (not existing anymore-burned out), he also supported the construction of their church. He built luxury manor house in the center of his holdings in Gödölö where he is buried. He built manor house in Hatvan and monastery in Máriabesnyö.
Anton Grasalkovič was promoted in 1732 to a baron and in 1743 to a duke.
For his merits he was awarder the Grand Cross of St. Stephan.

In historical channels it is mentioned that Huňady family, who significantly influenced economical, cultural and spiritual life in the territory of today’s Slovakia bought their holdings from Grasalkovič family.

In 2004 we are remembering 310th anniversary of birth of duke Anton Grasalkovič, patron of culture and art, expert of law and economy, native of village Mojmírovce.




Published in the Slovak Heritage Live newsletter Volume 12, No.4, Winter 2004
Copyright © Vladimir Linder 2004
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