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The baroque-classicist manor-house in Mojmírovce surrounded by a pleasant greenness of a protected park is not only an important dominant of a village, but also a cultural, tourist and educational center, the tourist attraction of Nitra region.
Mojmírovce manor house, surrounded by a beautiful park is located in the center of the village of Mojmírovce, 15 kilometers south east of Nitra.
The history of its existence started just after the end of Turkish wars-in the period when refugees were returning to the villages-the original inhabitants, but as well the newcomers.

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In this period, the village was called URMÍN, and you can hear the family name HUŇADY for the first time. The first members were Ondrej and Ladislav Huňady-arrived in Urmín in 1675. Little by little they became the largest estate owners and the richest family in the village.

In 1721, Huňady built a great manor house in a baroque style (later after the fire, the manor house was rebuilt in a classicist style). A part of this manor house was a small botanic garden called a “green house,” but it does not exist any more. In the following centuries, the park belonged among the most beautiful ones of the Upper Hungary-Slovakia, with a wide range of exotic trees, bushes, and plants.

The pride of Huňady was large stud farms where many noble Arabic, Spanish, and Italian horse breeds were bred. Many saddle horses from this stud farm were successful at competitions or hunts, and yoke horses at demanding distant journeys. Exceptionally the horse Tajár became very famous, it originated in Egypt and was a foundation stud horse for the Hungarian warm-blooded horses. These achievements in horse breeding were the first impulse for organization of a public horse race. The first one was realized at Huňady manor in 1814. At that time, it was the first horse race in Hungarian Kingdom. After 1892, they moved the competition organization first into Bratislava later into Pest, and that was the end of a promising tradition.

In 1910, the last male descendant of a family-Ladislav Huňady let out the whole manor to the Šurany sugarhouse. After the First World War, the estate was forfeited and sliced. The female descendants of Huňady’s family stayed in Urmín until the end of the Second World War. The manor house was left behind before the arrival of a front in March 1945. Then the manor house served different purposes-e.g. for a German army as a privileged prison, after liberation there were temporary barracks for our soldiers and after their departure the flats for teachers were arranged there, a surgery for a physician and a pub. In 1953, after some internal reconstruction, the building became an elementary school for some time, and since the 60’s, it was falling into ruins.


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In 1974, the manor house became a property of a consumer cooperative of Slovakia and after an extensive reconstruction; it is a residence of DÚV a.s. and The Manor-House a.s.

The modernized and refurbished mansion offers quality accommodation in single, double rooms with standard facilities, and four luxurious suites. The mansion facilities together with the-nearby conference center can provide up to 100 beds.

Presidential suite

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The restaurant with its own bar provides refreshments and a lavish menu including vegetarian throughout the day. All meals are freshly prepared in their own kitchen. Guests can relax in the gym, swimming pool, sauna with dip pool and Jacuzzi, tennis courts, mini golf and volleyball court. There is a soccer field in the vicinity and an underground target range for shooting practice. In nearby village of Poľný Kesov, 4 kilometers from the manor house, there is an outdoor and indoor thermal water swimming pool.

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Roman Catholic Church in Mojmírovce
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The area around the mansion is an inviting place to spend a holiday or weekend, attracting families with children, children summer camps and outdoor schools, sports club training sessions, various creative events and activities such as company meetings, presentations, seminars, training sessions, workshops, conferences, etc. In addition to all this they hold family events and celebrations such as weddings, university graduation celebrations, anniversaries and other festivities. The mansion holds annual artist workshop frequented by artists from around the world whose works are on display all year around. I visited the manor house in Mojmírovce in early April and stayed over for one night and I was pleasantly surprised by the whole complex, unbelievably large menu with selections that will blow your mind, fantastic gourmet food with really reasonable prices and excellent service. My room was huge even by western standards, with 16-foot ceilings and the window was about 10 feet high. Through the summer I tried to stay there again but they were completely booked due to English courses. This fall, during my last trip I tried twice and was able to stay only once. The first time the manor house was taken over by the government for a conference of Vysegrad’s four. But it was worth the wait as I got a two level room in the old bastion. I also met the director of the hotel, who told me little bit about the history and also that Anton Grasalkovič the builder of the presidential palace in Bratislava was born in Mojmírovce March 6, 1694 and that he also built the local church a National Cultural Monument, currently being restored. 

Director: PhDr. Štefan Bugár
951 15 Mojmírovce 919
Phone: 011-421-37-7798-201
Fax: 011-421-37-7798-200

Email: [email protected]






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