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I don't know where to start. Well, things happened this way. Last half a year I was playing some tunes on my synthesizer. Subconsciously as they were recorded on my tape deck in the 60's, their chronology was: Tune # 1 "Give me a ticket for an airplane." Then the next tune had a text in it "…I’ll be there…" followed by "… Happy together."

Now I let you draw your own conclusion.

Vladimir phones me up one evening at the end of March, right after his return form Slovakia and tells me:

"Maksi Ty hovado, they are looking for you in Bratislava.
"What have I done?"
"By a fluke I bought a paper and found that there is a world wide reunion of Generation 1968 in the V-klub and Peter Lipa would like to see you there. He didn’t know your last name and your address and I told them that I know your whereabouts. I also told them that in the winter time you are low on finances, so I will buy a plane ticket for you and bring you there for the reunion."
"Hold your horses, Vladimir I am really sick as I was just diagnosed with myelodysplasia (Maksi's bone marrow isn't producing enough red blood cells-Editors note), to this time untreatable condition. The only supportive care is provided by frequent blood transfusions."
"Ask your doctor, and if he will let you go, we are going."

Doctor saw no reason why I shouldn't go, so off we went. What an experience!

It felt like alternate propulsion took you back in time 30 years and continued where you left of in 1968. Only the aged faces of my contemporaries reminded me the reality. The areas of V-Klub used to accommodate in the past 300-320 people were now crowding by my estimate with over 500. The weather in Bratislava was very humid. Add to it the body heat of that many people, all this reinforced the feeling of the atmosphere of "Good old days." Three days non-stop party. Running on 3-4 hours of sleep. I didn't want to miss anything; see the reunited musicians for whom in the sixties I tried to create an environment by my mischievous behavior, so they would unwind; than meet with the old faces. The only way I was able to decipher their identity was reading their eyes. Some people have changed drastically, so you had to ask them who are they, followed by big hugs. I managed to recognize about 75% of them. People spread all over the world- Australia, South Africa, USA, Canada, England, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Austria and who knows from where else from were all at the reunion. So imagine yapping with them to bridge the thirty-year gap. Mouths were drying out. You had to wet them by free-flowing beer, wine or fruit juices. I wished the day would last 48 hours. It was very rough schedule, but every minute was worth it. One can’t describe it by words. You had to be there!

Very many thanks, Vladimir-Buddy.

That was so far my best medicine.

Maksi Dubrovay

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Celebration of Makši's life party at Watch Lake Community Hall on September 28, 2002

Scattering Makši's ashes at his favorite spot near his house on September 29, 2002

Scattering Makši's ashes at Bute Look Out above Watch Lake, BC, on October 13, 2002

Makši's burial in Bratislava on November 12, 2002

Published in the Slovak Heritage Live newsletter Volume 6, No. 3, Fall 1998
Copyright © Vladimir Linder 1998 
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