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I have heard from someone that there are lots of Hajovsky's in the god old USA. If fact that there is so many of them living in USA that they do organize annual picnic in TEXAS near Houston. Last year it was held in El Campo Texas. So on my last trip to Slovakia I did looked the Bratislava's phone book and found nine Hajovsky's with listed phone numbers. I started phoning down the list and here is what I found:

Hello Vladimir,

I am sending you the pictures, it is no fame, but I couldn't get anything else. I also hope that I did transfer them in the right size.
Here is a bit of history of Hajovsky family.
My great grandfather Stefan Hajovsky, originally from Bociany by Topolcany. His profession was tanner. He went to Argentina to make some money for the family. His son, my longer gone grand father (1993) born August 29, 1921 studied business at Secondary Business School, I believe in Topolcany and he continued in his fatherís business, investing in tanning industry. In Topolcany he had a big store. From my grandmother I learned about grandfatherís siblings. He had six brothers, but they are all apparently dead now. My grandfather (Alojz) was called to Slovak army in 1940. Until his death he was a member of Anti Fascist fighter from which he had numerous privileges. During the war he had a child with a Czech lady from Olomouc, son Miroslav. Grandfather's parents took care of him. I donít know anything else about Miroslav's mother. After the war grandfather married my grandmother Gizela, whom he knew before the war. In 1948 daughter Maria was born who is my Godmother. Then years later they had my father Alojz. Their stepbrother Miroslav lived with the family until 1965, when he decided to immigrate to USA. At the beginning he would write to the family on regular basis, but from 1967 we donít have any news about him. In the last letter he wrote that he might be as new immigrant drafted and sent to Vietnam War. In 1979 my parents got married and they have two sons- me, name is Alojz, I have after my father and grandfather and my for years younger brother Miroslav who was named after our immigrant uncle.
My grandfather passed away in 1993 having heart attack. My parents are divorced since 1992. My father lives with my grandmother and takes care of her. At the present time she is 76.
I study at the Philosophical Faculty of University Komensky in Bratislava and my brother is studying at training institute. At University with help of the Internet I made contact with some Hajovsky in USA. I am corresponding with one, his name is Keith and his grandfather is from Southern Morava.
It was hard work, this curriculum. Pick something from it by your imagination. I am looking forward to see my grandmother in American newspaper.

Alojz Hajovsky
Jasovska 39
85107 Bratislava

Published in the Slovak Heritage Live newsletter Volume 7, No. 2, Summer 1999
Copyright © Vladimir Linder 1999
The Slovak Heritage and Cultural Society of British Columbia, 3804 Yale Street, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada V5C 1P6
The above article may not be copied, reproduced, republished, or redistributed by any means including electronic, without the express written permission of The Slovak Heritage and Cultural Society of British Columbia.

Copyright © 2000 Slovak Heritage and Cultural Society of British Columbia. All rights reserved.

Miroslav Hajovsky has been found

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