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This book is in Slovak. Resume in English. 

It contains: 67 color and 32 black and white photographs

In Slovakia of the 1970s and 1980s there were only a handful of conservationalists, architects and environmentalists who were professionally orientated towards the preservation of folk architecture and landscape. Only those few people were aware of a high value of the small locality called Vlkolinec a detached “street” of the town of Ruzomberok. However, they enthusiastically defended it from any possible damage. Today Vlkolinec is a famous treasury of folk architecture well known not only to the experts but also to many visitors and tourists from Slovakia and from abroad. Its popularity is to a high extent due also to the decision made by the UNESCO Committee in its meeting in Cartagena, Columbia (December 6‑1, 1993) that had added Vlkolinec to the UNESCO List of World Heritage. The experts from all over the world had placed this remote settlement the detached part of Ruzomberok on the same level with such precious gems as the Acropolis in Greece, city centers of Florence. Rome, Krakow, the old city quarters of Salzburg, Salamanca and Bern, Westminster Abbey in Great Britain, palaces in Versailles and Fontainebleau in France, the Vatican, pyramids of Egypt, Taj Mahal in India and a lot of the miracles created by the human spirit. All the mentioned and most of the unmentioned buildings in Vlkolinec are made of wood and on that rests its uniqueness.

The international experts, when formulating their decision to add Vlkolinec to the list of the world’s unique items, concluded that, “VIkolinec is an extraordinary well-preserved settlement unit consisting of typical log houses of the characteristic Central European type. There is no knowledge about any other such group of wooden architecture, judging from its homogeneity that can be compared to Vlkolinec.”

Folk architecture in Slovakia recognizes two basic types of structures  the lowland type and the mountain type. Vlkolinec belongs to the latter, characteristic with the natural building material wood. The village is built almost entirely of wood, with typical shingle roofed log houses and a typical ground plan. Scattered over its surroundings are a number of haylofts, and in a small square is a wooden belfry. Made of wood are also stables, barns, granaries, and also lattice fences. As the well-­informed experts say Vlkolinec represents an extraordinary well preserved whole that, along with the undisturbed natural environment, makes it a unique example of the urbanistic approach to the landscape.

Vlkolinec, a detached satellite of Ruzomberok on the southern slopes of Sidorovo mountain in Great Fatra, is an oasis of silence high in the clouds, from where are to be seen beautiful views down to Liptovska kotlina (Liptov Basin). It is not an artificial skanzen (open air museum) but a village full of life. To keep it alive, and to preserve the heritage of our forefathers for the future, we are obliged to engage all our efforts on its reconstruction.

All those who find the Slovak folk architecture a true reflection of our nation, should help.

I am sure that this publication, too, will contribute to the preservation of the beauty and uniqueness of Vlkolinec, and to a humble celebration of what whole generations had built, not only by their hands but also by their heads, thus placing it among the lasting values of our civilization.

JUDr. Juraj Cech Mayor of the City of Ruzomberok

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