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Volume 14, No. 3, Fall 2006


Slovak Heritage Live

A quarterly newsletter published by Vladimir Linder

Fall issue was published in January 2007 and it was mailed to 1200 recipients world wide. 

I wrote to you about my studying at University of British Columbia for my challenge of property management exam and that I even took the books with me over to Slovakia to study there. Well it was all wishful thinking as my studies ended on about the page three there.  There was no time and I didn’t feel like to study either. There is so much to do in Slovakia always. After my return I buried myself in the books and early September I wrote my exam. Few weeks later I got my results. There were three of us from my office writing the exam. My boss Marlene, Klaus that does property management as well and me. The passing grade we 65%. Klaus got 67%, Marlene 63% and will have to rewrite in November and I got 84%, to my surprise I did really good. So I am considered now to bee the smart one.
However not smart enough to get my message to many of you to pay your subscriptions on time. There are so many with expired subscriptions and many non payers period. I am constantly deleting people from our mailing list and it is shrinking. So if you know anybody that is interested in Slovak heritage, culture, history, crafts and genealogy, forward the subscription application to them. You can also use it to give a gift subscription. It would definitely offset the cost of printing and mail. For example I used to buy the white envelopes box of 500 for CAD$ 13.99 plus taxes, totaling CAD$15.89 or then 1000 envelopes for CAD$ 31.62. Meaning one envelope used to cost me 31.62 cents. Super Store where I used to buy them, doesn’t sell them anymore and my cost buying directly from the envelope company now is CAD$ 87.00 per 1000 and that is over 175% more. Those are increases that I know. I have no clue how much the postage will be in 2007 and there may be higher prices for paper and printing as well. SO it is very essential that you pay for your subscriptions and renew on time.

Many thanks to all of you in advance


This time I flew again with BRITISH AIRWAYS as they were the only airline with reasonable price for stay of over two months. The flight was smooth as was the service. My friend MILAN ŠTEFÁNIK came to pick me up at Vienna’s airport and soon we were in Bratislava. First I went to pick some of my stuff stored at his place and then I went to my place. I met our daughter Julia around 10 PM in front of just closing Detvan pub where my friends go now on Tuesday’s, since the previous pub increased their price of beer recently by 50%.

I got a big hug and lots of smiles and I was overwhelmed how good Julia speaks Slovak after only 10 months studying at COMENIUS UNIVERSITY in BRATISLAVA, CENTRE FOR CONTINUING EDUCATION, INSTITUTE FOR LANGUAGE AND ACADEMIC PREPARATION-UJOP. I almost couldn’t believe it. Her pronunciation and even the accent are excellent and we had a lengthy conversation in Slovak over a beer in another pub. She spoke with ease, not looking for words in her mind and I think that the 10 months she spent studying Slovak language in Bratislava were well wroth the price. I am very pleased to hear her speak Slovak, so well. This is of course due to her hard work studying and also hard work of her teachers. There were all together seven classes of Slovak language this year. At the end of the year each teacher nominated one student for an outstanding student award. The nominations were later narrowed to three best students of the school and our Julia, who when she came to Slovakia in September 2005 knew only one Slovak word-ZMRZLINA-Ice cream- was one of the three best students receiving the award for 2005-2006. CONGRATULATIONS JULIA. Earlier today, Julia had an entrance examination at Pedagogical Faculty of Comenius University. Tomorrow she is off to Prague for a few days visiting her Canadian friends and sight seeing. She is taking a bus to Prague. Next Monday she has an entry examination at Philosophical Faculty of Comenius University. In both universities she will be studying English and Spanish and translating.
Later on during the night, since I wasn’t sleepy I stuffed envelopes with two issues of Slovak Heritage Live newsletter to be mailed to my Slovak friends next morning. Then I took two sleeping pills and I was off into a deep sleep. Wednesday early morning I went to the post office. Funny the mail in Slovakia is more expensive than in USA but less expensive than in CANADA, at least for the two newsletters in one envelope. Everything else was still closed this early in down town, so I went so see my friend IZABELA PAŽÍTKOVÁ at the SLOVAK NATIONAL THEATER, but she wasn’t in either. I had a nice walk through the medieval part of the town and by the time I walked through, my next store, the Slovak Telecom was open. Here I wanted to get a new SIM card and new number for my phone that I got unlocked in Canada and I can use it all around the world in the local systems, all I need is their sim card. I have Motorola flip Razr phone. I don’t like it that much, as I don’t find it user friendly at all, and I am used to Nokia for years and I also have Sonny Erickson in Slovakia. So now I have two phones and two phone numbers. They have currently two mobile phone operators and third one has just been granted license. It cost more if you call number from the other operator. So I use different phones for different people and it is less expensive. However in Slovakia the receiving phone doesn’t pay anything, which is not the case in Canada or USA. My Slovak numbers are: 011-421-918-075-291 and 011-421-914-109-444, you can call me anytime if you need anything. While walking to the Slovak Syndicate of Journalist, I met my long time friend, journalist MILAN RUSKO. He had informed me that the press conference regarding VÝCHODNÁ FESTIVAL has just been cancelled and this year’s festival won’t be happening. I kind of had that feeling last November when I was videotaping the former festival grounds for village of Východná. Nothing was done to the site since July. Then they had a terrible winter and it wasn’t possible. He also mentioned that the former minister of culture Mr. TÓTH has just been killed in a car accident at controlled rail crossing by a moving train.
At the syndicate I met with my friend the membership director JÁN KOVAČOVSKÝ. I renewed my membership and donated 1000.00Sk, to the social fund....

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