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Volume 12, No. 3, Fall 2004

Slovak Heritage Live

A quarterly newsletter published by Vladimir Linder

Fall issue was published in November 2004 and it was mailed to 1200 recipients world wide. 

5th bridge across the river Danube will be opened in 2005

First of all I would like to thank to everybody that renewed their subscription on time, then the late payers that renewed and most of all to our generous donors. As I promised we have deleted all subscribers with expired subscriptions in 199 and prior to the next issue we are deleting all expirees from 2000.
USA DONATIONS since the last issue: HORECKY Bob, Aurora, CO, $25.00; UZIK Jan, Hollywood, FL, $5.00; DAYTEL Edward G., Holyoke, MA, $10.00. TOTAL USA DONATIONS US$ 40.00
There were no Canadian donations.
The subscriptions have somehow started arriving at slower pace and I don’t know what to do. Your suggestions and contributions whether financial or in articles are welcome. If I may suggest something if you would please settle your accounts for the unpaid years that you have been receiving the Slovak Heritage Live free and pay your subscriptions early, It would make the publishing much easier and I wouldn’t have to advance finance every issue.
Our web pages had visitors from the following countries: United States, Slovak Republic, European Union, Canada, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Netherlands, Australia, South Korea, Poland, Japan, Czech Republic, Spain, France, China, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Finland, Mexico.
Our web pages had visitors from these countries: United States, Canada, Slovak Republic, Germany, Hungary, France, China, European Union, Italy, Poland, Netherlands, Great Britain, Japan, Czech Republic, Spain, Russian Federation, Denmark, South Africa, Luxembourg, Norway, Switzerland, Ukraine, South Korea.
Our web pages had visitors from: United States, Slovak Republic, Canada, China, European Union, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Russian Federation.
Regarding our web sites I am not very impressed with the service at, as their servers are down quite often and there is virtually no service provided. I have learned a valuable lesson, never to put all my eggs again in the same basket and in early spring I will move the sites to three or four different providers. Chances are they won’t be all down at the same time. This company is probably the least expensive and offers unlimited memory size, but it reflects in their poor service or better said no service at all most of the time.



Dear Vladimir,
Enclosed is a check for $25.00 fro my renewal of the Slovak Heritage Live Newsletter.
Keep up the good work.
Went to Slovakia 2 years ago with the Slovak Catholic Sokol. I took my grand daughter. This was her first visit. We went to the village of Plavnica where my mother came from and Sarah’s great grandmother. As my mother was the only one who came to USA, the rest of my relatives are still there. They had a feast for us in each home. We had a great time. Also stopped in Prague where I also have a cousin. Sarah knew Luboš because we had him here for 3 months several years ago. As age is creeping up on me I hope I can still make one more visit.

My best to you, Kindly
Irene m. Sinanis
406 Erwin St, Trumbull, CT  06611

Hi Vlado,
My name is Bob Dominiak. In March of 2003 you prepared and ancestral video of Orlov, Slovakia for me. The video was excellent and I was so happy that my father in law was able to see the video of where his ancestors lived before he passed away.
About a month ago, I sent you an e-mail asking you if you could prepare an ancestral video of Habovka, Slovakia for me? I was wondering if you received the e-mail and if you can still make the video during your next trip?
Habovka is located in the Orava district near Tatra Mountains. It is just to the north of Zuberec and east of Tvrdošín. Habovka is the village that my grandmother and her relatives are from. The names of my ancestors are as follows: Fulak, Bebej, Pavlov, Hruboš and Starek.
Please let me know if you can still make the video of Habovka during your next trip. If you can’t, then please let me know if you can make the video during a subsequent visit.

Thanks for your help,
Bob Dominiak
2759 Friar Dr. Parma OH  44134

I am thinking of you and I must send you thanks. I am traveling to Slovakia for the first time this September. You had videotaped my ancestral villages several years ago. I am so happy to have them. In the video you talked with my cousin. I never did make contact with her and she has since died. But I have her on the video. I hope to meet more cousins there that I have been in contact with by mail.
So I must say thanks to you for the work you did in videotaping villages of Margecany, Jaklovce, Hlinné and Jastrabie nad Topľou.. I will meet at long last with my Ontko cousins in Slovakia.

Sam Ontko
Sandusky, Ohio

I left Vancouver on June 9 of course on Lufthansa flight to Frankfurt and then on to Vienna. My friends Milan and Nórika Štefánik came to pick me up. The weather in Vienna was great and soon we were at the Austria-Slovak border. Now, to go through their borders if you are a citizen of Slovakia, you don’t need your passport any more. Your Slovak identity card is good enough. This was also my first trip to Slovakia since it became a member of the European Union; they joined with other countries on May 01, 2004. I remembered my youth when I lived in Bratislava and that time to go to Austria was just a dream. I was 18 when I went to Austria for the first time in my life. That was a big deal then to be allowed to travel to the west. I remember we always used to go with friends for walk up to, then ruins of Bratislava’s castle and look behind the river Danube over the forest into Austria and thought, maybe one day we will go there. For most of our lives that we lived in then Czechoslovakia it was just a dream. My dream became a reality with my first trip to the west in 1968. I had just US$10.00 with me, and managed to stay abroad for three months and I hitchhiked through Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Italy, San Marino, Sicily, Monte Carlo, France, and Germany before returning home in September after Russian led invasion on August 21, 1968. During my travels I visited Venice, San Marino, Calabria, Syracuse in Sicily, Pompeii, Rome, Pisa, Monte Carlo, Paris, Reims and Vienna. Then in 1969 I left for good and didn’t return until 1987. I always get very sentimental when I think about those years. Upon my arrival in Bratislava, I went to pick up my car at ADVANTAGE CAR RENTALS. As usual, everything was ready and I was off in no time. In the evening as it is customary every Tuesday I met my friends for a beer. These are my friends from my youth and we know each other for over 45 years and they still meet for a beer once a week from the previous every evening many years ago. The funny thing is that I show up there more often then some of my friends that still live in Bratislava. Next morning I went for a haircut, as the cost including a heavy tip is only 75.00 Sk and that is little bit over US$2.00. Great deal for a good haircut. Second task during my first day was to get the press pass for the inauguration of the third SLOVAK PRESIDENT JUDr. IVAN GAŠPAROVIČ on June 15. I prearranged it through Internet and met Mrs. Bianchi from the media office and I was the first journalist to receive the press pass. This will be my third inauguration as I did photograph Michal Kováč and Rudolf Schuster on their inaugurations. Sunday June 13, I went to the ordination to priesthood of my long time friend FRATER GABRIEL in Košice. On this day the Archbishop of Košice MONS. ALOJZ TKÁČ ordained six Dominican brothers into the priesthood in the Cathedral of St. Elizabeth. Fantastic reception followed the ordination at the Dominican Monastery. Later on in the afternoon I went to Prešov and visited my friends and then early evening I returned to Liptovská Teplička....

New Book on Slovaks in Canada

By Ondrej Miháľ

A dream becomes a reality is the best way I can describe the new book entitled “Slovaks in Canada through their own eyes” that was published by the Slovak Canadian Cultural and Heritage Centre in Toronto, Canada earlier this year. It took 10 years to go from a “dream” to being published in Slovakia this past January. It covers the 120-year history of Slovaks in Canada, from those first emigrants that arrived in 1880s until today; and provides insights across the social, economic, political, and their religious activities, as well as contributions by Slovaks in the Arts and Sports. It’s a large glossy paged high quality book, containing over 600 photos, illustrations and graphics, donated by the Slovak Canadian community, depicting the history of over 5 generations of Slovak Canadians. The book is bilingual, unique in today’s world, in being both Slovak and English. In this way, it can be appreciated in both the English-speaking world, as well as with Slovaks no matter where they live throughout the world.
How did this book become reality? The book Slovaks in Canada through their own eyes is a companion to the 2002-2004 Slovaks in Canada Exhibit that originally opened in Bratislava, Slovakia in 2002. The exhibit was given by Slovaks from Canada who presented their unique culture back to Slovaks in Slovakia for the first time in the last 120 years! This exhibit has been expanded and this year a version of it is being shown in the Slovak communities in Vojvodina, Serbia (Former Yugoslavia). The Exhibit has been seen, to date, by close to 15,000 people in the two countries. It is our plan to take the over 200 + panels of the exhibit traveling to the Slovak Communities in the USA at some point...

By: Katarína Koštialová

Wedding belongs to the most important break through in the life of a person. With this article I would like you to get familiar with the “time before the wedding” in Banská Bystrica during 17 to 19 century.
Long time ago the wedding wasn’t just a narrow family occasion but it happened with participation of all people in the village or town that were exhibiting mutual relief, expressing their opinion, evaluate and were also witnesses to legally binding wedding.
Important role in choosing a matrimonial partner played the ethnicity, confessional homogeneity of both partners and social, economical or social position of the family.
First preliminary finding (Pytačky) agreement between two families was performed under strict supervision of parents. The public showing of the agreement about the wedding between the two persons was engagement. The act of engagement was very celebratory, followed by a feast and that was also the proof of the wedding agreement. From the days gone by it was customary to invite many people to the wedding and that was also a show of prestige and representation. Town councilors with their guidelines for weddings Polizzei-Ordnung in 1723 did determined exactly, how many people can participate at the engagement ceremony and also determined the amount of guests at the wedding. Wealthier families could invite apart from guests from Banská Bystrica, 42 persons, 18 men, 18 women and 6 girls. Less influential families could invite 6 men, 6 women, and 2 girls...

Mrs. Mary C. Sigmund from Solon, OH,

Asked if the Blessed Mother has appeared to anyone in Turzovka and if any shrine or church was built there?
Yes Turzovka exactly Živčáková  mountain  is the place of revelation of Blessed Mother. Healing springs and shrine (chapel) of the Virgin Mary, Queen of Peace were built here from April to October 1993 with the way of the Cross-from village Korňa. The pilgrim place Živčáková was consecrated on October 17th, 1993. These places are annually visited by thousands of pilgrims from all over the world. Pilgrimages are performed mostly in April, August, and October.
I offer you another incredible interest places near Živčáková Mountain. On the territory of Korňa community, there is a natural sight, the Korňa oil spring. There is a natural flow of light crude oil on the surface, which is a European rarity.
Another interesting Kysuce rarity is located near village Klokočov Kornica, north from Živčáková mountain there are unusual finding sites of stone balls, largest of them with diameter reaching 2,6 meters, inspirited the imagination not only of Kysuce locals and mystery hunters, but also of serious scientists. It is assumed that they were created by natural forces in the sea bed, but up till now it is a secret how nature could model such formations? Stone pit at Klokočov has been proclaimed a nature reserve other similar mysterious sites are situated only in faraway exotic lands (Brazil, New Zealand and Costa Rica).

That is our Kysuce heritage live.
Sincerely, Pavel Sojka, Vysoká nad Kysucou,


Mons. Prof. ThDr. ICDr. PaedDr. František Dlugoš PhD. and Jaroslav Jiroušek
ISBN 80-968534-9-X
Published 2004 by: LUBAFOTOPRESS

his is a book about the second largest Gothic Roman Catholic Church in Slovakia after the Dome of St. Elizabeth in Košice. The Church of St. James was built as a parish church of a free royal town Levoča and it has been providing a place for daily masses to worshipers for over 700 years.
It tells us the history of the church’s construction dating back to its beginnings in 1330 and about the famous wood carver Master Paul from Levo
ča. He is also the author of the masterpiece highest Gothic alter in the world measuring 18.62 meters of 56 feet and width of 6.27 meters or 19 feet. The book has pictures of all the altars including many details. Many frescoes of the church are presented as well.
The book has 96 pages and 115 color pictures. The dimensions of the book are 9 1/2 x 12 1/2 inches. This is a hard cover book of high quality in Slovak, ENGLISH, Polish, and German languages.

The book is available now US$ 99.95 and shipping and handling US$5.95 

Please mail personal check to:

Vladimir Linder
3804 Yale Street
Burnaby, BC, V5C 1P6


Ks. Prof. Dr. hab. Boleslav Kumor
Mons. Prof. ThDr. ICDr. PaedDr. František Dlugoš PhD.
ISBN 80-89170-09-9
Published by
: The society of priest seminary of Bishop Ján Vojtaššák
Spišská Kapitula 12
053 04 Spišské Podhradie
A.D. 2004

This book is in SLOVAK and it has five chapters

Apostolate chair and its activities 1914-2000, here we learn agout activities of the Holy See between those years such as international enlargement of college of Cardinals and the Curia of Rome, Apostolate chair in the period of the two world wars, about the Holy Fathers of the second Council of Vatican and the Concordate policy of Apostolate chair.

Ability to live and internal development of church, talks about the development of Church’s theology, Second council of Vatican and Bishops Synods, councils reforms in Slovakia, Religious life of the church, Diocese and rites believes, Social and Charitable activities of the Church, Religious education and mass communications, beginning and development of ecumenical movement.

The church in the middle of nations of earth gives us inside into the church in Romanesque states of Western Europe and other countries of Europe, Catholic Church in countries behind iron curtain, Catholic Church in Czech lands and Slovakia in the twentieth century, Catholic Church in North, Central and South America, from missions to young churches in Africa, Asia, Australia and Oceans.

Eastern Church 1914-2000, talks about orthodox eastern rite church and Russian, Prechalcedonian Church, history of martyrs in communist’s states, churches with Apostolate chair apart from Europe.

Lutheran and Old Catholic church and church associations

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