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When I was growing up in Czechoslovakia, since my childhood I was always dressed in American clothes thanks to my aunt or a distant relative of my grand mother who lived in Buffalo NY. My friends called me American because of my clothes. Yes I was different and I hated the communists and AMERICA was my idol of freedom and democracy. My lifelong dream was to one day at least visit AMERICA that I thought would be an impossible task and if it were possible it would be a dream come trough.

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One thing I always dreamt about was walking the streets of the greatest city in the free world The NEW YORK CITY. That was my dream of dreams. I even got someone to send me a street map of New York City and I studied it for weeks and months. Learning what buildings were where, where were the attractions.

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After immigrating to CANADA and living in Toronto, Ontario from December 10, 1969 of course our first trip was to USA. We got married in Toronto on June 11, 1972 and shortly after we went for our honeymoon, where else than to NEW YORK CITY. We went by buss, stayed in a hotel near TIMES SQUARE and my lifelong dream came trough. I was in NEW YORK. WOW! I felt I was there second or third time thanks to studying the maps. We went to the top of the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, The United Nations building, Wall Street, Guggenheim Museum, 

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Metropolitan Museum of Art, Rockefeller Center, we went to see FIDDLER ON THE ROOF with Zero Mostel at Time Square Theater and we had a ball. 

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We went to the Rockefeller center, Chrysler building, enjoyed the Fifth Avenue, Central Park, Victory Square and we felt like this is how it must be in the heaven. Yes that is the truth.
The World Trade Center was just being build. 
I will never ever forget our stay in NEW YORK CITY.
What happened to NEW YORK CITY these couple of days we will never forget either, I am so sad, sorry, crying every day and I just canít seem to get over my grief.

My sympathy and condolences are going out to all New Yorkers, the families of the victims of this tragedy and the AMERICAN PEOPLE.
There is no nation on this earth that is above the AMERICANS.


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