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Throughout centuries anonym music was formed that never ever had a single concrete author. Most of the time the author was life alone. Beautiful music, songs and folklore survived in the village called Zázrivá. However it was hidden in the small cottages and in the hearths of our grandparents.
The thought to preserve the traditions and show the world the beauty of Zázrivá was conceived in April 1998, where after an agreement between the local village office, cultural center in cooperation with the primary school Children Folklore Group ZÁZRIVČEK was formed.

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Miloš and Martina Bobáň from Terchová lead the folklore group. There are several parts of the folklore group. Folk music, play on accordions and folk dance. Director of folk dance is Martina Bobáň educated in pedagogy, works as a preschool teacher. Folk music part is led by Miloš Bobáň, who performed in different folklore groups since he was eight years old and he was awarded several commendations at all Slovakia competitions of soloists, instrumentalists of folk songs. He is passing on his lifelong experiences now to the younger generation of aspiring musicians.
Songs, dances and customs are usually being gathered form the oldest citizens of Zázrivá and Terchová and then are formed so they can be presented on the stage.
Zázrivček has over 50 members at the present time; nine of them form the folk music. There are 15 accordion players, 30 dancers.

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They held their first performance in August 1998 at absolution Christian celebration. This was followed with “Christmas” at Orava’s Christmas. This performance enchanted several older and very experienced colleagues from many Orava’s folklore groups. The pride of the folklore group is their 15 member accordion group and four-member boys folk music. These little musicians are representing Zázrivá at different folklore competitions and usually they bring home the highest rewards.
In three years the folklore group became a strong body and children that are participating inn it are participating with love and enthusiasm.

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From their achievements I can say that they placed in the top of most of the competitions they attended. In 1999 they performed at Východná and Detva festivals, Jánošík’s days in Terchová, then at the Orava’s accordion competition, in Košice television, international folklose symposium in Banská Bystrica and Orava’s Christmas. In 2000 they performed at all Slovakias competition od accordion players in Oščadnica, all state competition of folk music’s, soloists and instrumentalists in Liptovský Mikuláš, Východná and Detva festivals, Jánošík’s days in Terchová, accordion competition and finally at the X. Days of Christian carols of Christians of Slovakia in Bojnice.

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Zázrivček performs at many cultural gatherings in Zázrivá and surrounding villages. They also cooperate with Slovak Radio in Banská Bystrica where the group performed in program called: “The song in the heart of birth place.”
Their plans include broadening of their program with dances and songs of Zázrivá and surrounding regions. They like to continue developing children talents and implant in them love for Slovak folklore and their homeland.

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Published in the Slovak Heritage Live newsletter Volume 1, No. 4, Spring 2001
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