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Pišta Kocák

"Returns to beauty" was the name of their anniversary program, which I missed. As I have seen Vranovcan performing on several occasions at numerous festivals, last time couple of weeks after their anniversary program in Vranov nad Toplou.

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Vranov nad Toplou is located in the North Eastern part of Slovakia at the confluence of rivers Ondava and Topla. It has over 725 year history and it is closely tied with cultural and ethnic part of Zemplin and Saris.

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Here in 1968 folk ensemble Vranovcan was formed. Vranovcan is focused on searching, collecting, adapting, spreading and saving folk traditions, songs and dances of Zemplin and Saris part of the Eastern Slovakia region. Since its beginning they performed over 1100 times at different festivals, celebrations, competitions and shows ant home and abroad. 

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They absolved 48 tours abroad in 16 European countries and Africa. Since its establishment the ensemble is working continuously. During all those years over 750 young people devoted much of their free time to their ensemble beside other responsibilities at schools or at work. 

At present time the ensemble is a legal subject with 50 members consisting of musicians, singers and dancers. In their repertoire are folk songs and dance compositions of czardas, whirling dances, polkas, soldiers and wedding dances and other customs.

All photographs are for sale


Published in the Slovak Heritage Live newsletter Volume 7, No. 1, Spring 1999
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