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As a blue tape the river Turiec meanders through the landscape, having given its name not only to the region, but also to the folk ensemble affiliated with the House of Culture.

The ensemble came into being on the initiative of a small group of admirers and fans of folk dance and song. The core of the team, now already having over 50 members is made primarily of students and employees in various enterprises in Martin. The ensemble has a dance and song group, a folk music band and a typical rustic band of Terchova.

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At its beginnings the ensemble drew inspiration for its program from the most typical areas of Slovakia. From the mid seventies, however, it has systematically focused upon retrieving and adapting the material from the Turiec region and from the neighboring folk regions of Kysuce, Liptov and the Upper Nitra.

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During the years of its existence the ensemble took part in a variety of festivals and competitions and worked its way up among the top ensembles in Slovakia. The success of the ensemble at its performances abroad, in Germany, Hungary, former Yugoslavia, Italy, Greece and many more countries, bears proof of the steady increase of its artistic level and the good representation of Slovak folk art abroad.

At the present, the ensemble concentrates upon two regional-thematic complexes. The program is bat around scenic arrangements of seasonal traditional customs based on field research in the Turiec.

The program with folk traditions of Northern Slovakia radiates with joy and creative optimism.

I have met the members of the folk dance group Turiec many years ago at festivals in Vychodna and Detva and we are friends.

In February, during my visit in Martin I have learned that they have been invited to perform at both festivals again this year, but because of the economic situation of the ensemble, they were not sure if they will be able to go.

I have read their invitation and without any big talk the Slovak Heritage and Cultural Society of British Columbia and Under Video Productions become proud sponsors of folk dance group Turiec to these festivals.

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Published in the Slovak Heritage Live newsletter Volume1, No. 2, Summer 1993
Copyright Vladimir Linder 1993 
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