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Folk group Dobrona was formed in 1983. She is developing and keeping rich traditions of folk customs and habits from Dobra Niva and close by surroundings.

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She is bringing to the stage historic folk songs from the region between Zvolen and Krupina in the valley under Javorim and Stiavnice Mountains and also interesting customs, traditions and costumes that are beautifully embroided.

All of this they are making available to the people of Slovakia and other countries in their individual style, with the eyes of today's modern folks for all to try to understand that the folk traditions have place not only in the history of the nation but also in the life of today's society, which they are making spiritually richer.

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They have represented their region on numerous occasions at different folk festivals at home and abroad including 17 times for Slovaks in Hungary and their national festival in Banka and in 1996 at international festival of authentic folklore in lower Danube region towns: Kalocs, Baja and Szekeszarda.

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The celebration of their 15th anniversary has taken place in Dobra Niva on February 27 with Gala program with songs and dances of their region followed by banquet after guest performance of their friends from Plachtince and Pribelce. The atmosphere was very homey and friendly thanks to their artistic director Mgr. Jan Skoda who was also the master of ceremonies and acquainted us with Dobrona since their beginning. We have learned that Dobrona is very short on male members, only six, however has no problem with girls and women. They performed songs from Dobra Niva, parts of Dobra Niva wedding, Young boys songs, Funny songs about men, Funny customs at the end of spinning season, music and fujara solo by Jan Babiak, Dances from Dobra Niva, Song and dances around the summer solstice celebrated on St. John's name day with fires on the hills-Janske ohne.

All photographs are for sale


Published in the Slovak Heritage Live newsletter Volume 6, No. 2, Summer 1998
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