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November 24th 1996 was not an ordinary day for the children's folk (dance) group Borinka from the western Slovakia's town Nitra. This group celebrated the 10th anniversary of its existence with a dance performance in the Theatre of Andrej Bagar. According to the main choreograph Marian Hlavaty boys and girls aged 8 to 16 can see that jumping up and down and around the stage in beautiful folk costumes is a time consuming activity that requires a lot of work, too. The folk traditions of the area by the Nitra river serves as the source of inspiration for Borinka. The folk costume traditions from Drazovce and Zaluzie come to live through the children’s dance performances. A number of costumes are, due to bad economic situation of the folk group, hand - made by the very members of the group.

As far as the themes revived and translated into dance performances Borinka closely follows the calendar culture. That is to say, one-time life and fertility rites are being recreated in traditional folk festivals. The dance group has during its 11 years of existence been awarded a number of significant honors and prizes, both here and abroad, among others in Sicily (Italy), former Yugoslavia, France, Vatican, Poland, and Hungary.

Borinka has indeed reached a worldwide reputation in the field of traditional folk dance.

Let's wish these wonderful kids a lot of successful performances like this one and good luck in the future.

Claudia Veghova
Narcisova 2
946 11 Komarno-Nova Straz


Published in the Slovak Heritage Live newsletter Volume 6, No. 2, Summer 1999
Copyright © Vladimir Linder 1999 
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