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Echoes of old Slavic language under The KrALovA HoLa


I am glad that Slovak Heritage Live enabled me to describe to you in few words the atmosphere of the II. Festival of old Slavic songs "Echoes of old Slavic language under the Kralova Hola."

Festival took place in beautiful mountain village Telgart, from 18 till 20 of October 1996. From the very beginning the atmosphere was surprisingly friendly. Welcoming of all participants of "Echoes" took the place by the spring of the river Hron. This festival is unique in whole Europe for its intention.

The first part of the festive exhibition of each folk group was in Greek Catholic Church in Telgart. Individual chorus presented themselves singing the church s songs. Young violin player and singer Martinka Kanosova with Matej Lunter playing accordion opened the performance. You could have seen there for example Lutheran A.V. Church Chorus from Brezno with one year tradition, Hajicek from Chrenovec-Brusno, their intention was concentrating on Christmas songs, Závadka nad Hronom, Gelnica, Liptovska Teplicka, Liptovske Sliace, Mestecko-Zariecie, Porac, Ruskc Poruba, Kojsov, Strba, Cabina, Zuberec, Vernar, and of course from Telgart.

The second part of the exhibition was represented in Cultural Center and we could hear songs with motives of work, woods, meadow and recruitment, with additional folk groups from Cierny Balog-Kycera and Dolny Kubin-Trnka, with soloist Maria Strakova.

Saturday evening also children's folk groups Trnka and Mala Ttrnka from Dolny Kubin and children's folk group from Telgart were singing and dancing. They were trying to show in which ways are they able to receive folk tradition of their birth village. The young people also tried to create the picture of developing folk dance in Slovakia. At the end of Saturday’s Gala program all participants, including visitors, were singing the song 
Mnohaja Lit - Many years.

If somebody think that Saturday evening finished with this program, it is a big mistake. Whom had a good time and felt nice, he or she could spend an unforgettable night with the folk group from Zuberec, who were playing their instruments and everyone was singing all night long.

The last day, Sunday, started with the holy mass that was celebrated by Greek Catholic bishop Mons. Jan Hirka.

The festival finished with awarding the Crystal Echos for keeping the folk traditions. The top honors went to the singers of folk singing group Hajicek from Chrenovec-Brusno, near Prievidza. Festival was not only the pleasure for our ears, but also for those who admire the beauty of colors. National costumes from different parts of Slovakia, which created the flood of various colors did not let anybody to be indifferent.

I wish only the best to all participants and I hope that we will meet next year again.

Maria Rybarova
Holleho 5
972 01 Bojnice

Editor's note:
Maria Rybarova has agreed to be our additional Slovak correspondent. She is second year student of Journalism at the University of Nitra. She is fluent in English as she worked in London, England for over a year.


Published in the Slovak Heritage Live newsletter Volume 4, No. 4, Winter 1996
Copyright © Vladimir Linder 1996 
3804 Yale Street, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada V5C 1P6
The above article and photographs may not be copied, reproduced, republished, or redistributed by any means including electronic, without the express written permission of Vladimir Linder. All rights reserved.