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Participating folk singing groups from: Zuberec, Chrenovec, Liptovske Sliace, Telgart, Podhradie, Lucky, Dubrava, Hrochot, Velka nad Velickou, Strani.

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It started on Friday and continued until Sunday evening. I went there on Saturday to see open air program in the meadows and hay fields above Liptovske Sliace. Individual groups were positioned high above the level plateau and were singing traditional songs that were sung long ago in individual villages while working in 

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the hay fields and moving the ray and other agricultural products. There was also actual work with hay. Later on in the afternoon there was a display at the edge of the forest of traditional work with wood and songs that used to accompany this hard work. In the evening in newly constructed amphitheater stage in the middle of the village above the creek that runs through the village there was a program of songs that celebrate mother. In the school there was a exhibition of folk costumes from collections of the citizens of Liptovske Sliace and an exposition about the life of Margita Senkova, who celebrated last year her 100 year birthday in near by Lucky.

All photographs are for sale


Published in the Slovak Heritage Live newsletter Volume 6, No. 3, Fall 1998
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