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The oldest church located in the old center of Bratislava is the Franciscan Church of the Holy Virgin Mary's Assumption. It was consecrated on March 25, 1297, in the presence of King Andrew III, Ostrihom's Archbishop and four highest bishops of the country. It was rebuild during years’ 1613-1616 in Renaissance style and later on during years' 1745-1746 in Baroque style. Numerous fires and earthquakes damaged the church structurally, that in 1897 gothic tower was removed. This tower is now placed in park of Janko Král in Petržalka, on the right side of Danube.

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Franciscan Church belongs to the most important places of coronation celebration, where the newly crowned king would come on foot from the cathedral of St. Martin. During the celebration, Knighting act would take place here. Selected aristocrats would be knighted to the order of the Golden Spur. On the north wall-of the church there is a separate two floor Gothic chapel of St. John Evangelist, built in 14th century. This is a true gem of Gothic architecture. It was the funeral chapel of the Jakubs' family, the first lord mayor of Bratislava.

Adjacent to the church is the Franciscan monastery, first mentioned in 1278, that was a center of numerous historical events during medieval times of the city. The election of the city's lord mayor would take place at the monastery and in 1526 Hungarian parliament elected Ferdinand Hapsburg to be the King of Hungary.



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Published in the Slovak Heritage Live newsletter Volume 2, No. 2, Summer 1994
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