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Cadastral area: Dobšiná
District: Rožňava
Region: Košice

Is situated in the Slovak Paradise in the Spiš-Gemer Karst in the National Nature Reserve Stratená within the territory of the Slovak Paradise National Park. Entrance to the cave is on the northern slope of Duča hill, 971 meters above the sea level.

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The cave was formed in the Middle Triassic Steinalm and Wetter­ stein limestones of the Silický nappe along the tectonic faults and interbed surfaces, by the former underground stream of Hnilec river at three developmental levels. It belongs to the genetic system of the Stratenská Cave. The cave length is 1232 meters and vertical range is 112 meters.

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Ice filling occurs in the form of ground ice, ice “waterfalls,” ice stalagmites and columns. The ice-covered area is 9772 square meters, and the total volume of ice is 110132 cubic meters. The maximum thickness of ice is in the Great Hall 26.5 meters. It ranks among the most important ice caves in the world thanks to its character of glaciations. The cave is one of the most important winter refuges of bats-Myotis mystacinus and Myotis brandti in Slovakia.

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The cave was discovered in 1870 by E. Ruffmi assisted by G. Lang, A. Mega, and F. Fehér. It was open to the public as early as in 1871. Since 1887 it has been the first cave with electric illumination in that-time Hungary. Along with Postojna Cave it ranks among the first electrically illuminated caves in Europe. Currently, 475 meters of the cave are open to the public. I have visited the cave in 1994 and 1996.


Published in the Slovak Heritage Live newsletter Volume 14, No.2, Summer 2006
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