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Zborov castle is located in eastern part of Slovakia, north east of Bardejov above town Zborov in the Šariš region. This royal castle is located on the forested hill south of village Zborov at an elevation of 1422 feet. It also used to be called Makovica. The castle was built shortly after 1317. It was a border King’s castle in the northern part of Hungarian-Polish road north of Bardejov. 

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At the beginning it wasn’t very large. It comprised a triangular courtyard with massive medieval Gothic style tower, palace and chapel. Its sig­nificance increased after 1548 when King Ferdinand I. donated the castle to Captain Juraj Seredy of Košice.  In that period two spacious courtyards and modern defen­sive elements extended it and the castle got renaissance look. Outside fortifications and additional buildings were added. The castle and its

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 holdings to which belonged at the beginning of 18th century around 100 villages was gained by the Raköczi family in 1601. After the suppression of Raköczi’s uprising in 1712 the castle was taken by the Imperial army and destroyed. It re­mained a ruin ever since.

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Published in the Slovak Heritage Live newsletter Volume 10, No.1, Spring 2002
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