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Súlov castle was built in first third of the 15th century. By it’s size, the castle was very small. Its main function was to protect and watching near by road. It is really hard to get to it through forest trail. 

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One can say the castle is like eagles nest. The ruins of the castle totally merge with surrounding area. I visited the ruins in summer of 1998 and I can tell you and you can also see from the pictures, that the view is unbelievable. 

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After 1550 fire it was rebuilt to its original shape and size. In 1730 the castle heads military garrison. There used to be upper and lower castle. Heavy earthquake damage in 1763 accelerated its final destruction. Fortified formation was found in the Súlov castle village area dating from 12th to 13th century.


Published in the Slovak Heritage Live newsletter Volume 9, No.2, Summer 2001
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