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Krasna Horka castle is located in a picturesque valley of the Slovak Ore mountains, on the summit of one conical hill about 4 Km from Roznava, in the Gemer region of Slovakia. It is a Slovak National Cultural Monument. It belongs to the castles that lived through the disappearance of the feudal society well preserved. Today the castle tells us about the creators of the values, of hard work and the smartness of the people of Gemer those build it in very harsh social and working conditions.

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Written materials mention the castle in 14th century, however it's beginnings of the stone castle date back to 13th century (1243-1318). In second half of the 14th century during the ownership of Mariassy family several additional objects were build. It has all typical elements of castle building from 14th century.

The area of Krasna Horka was owned by Mariassy and Bebek families. After 1578 family Andrassy becomes the third owner of the castle.

The historic collections at the castle are of great value and already in 1857 they were made accessible to public on special occasions.

Most interesting parts of the castle’s museum are rooms with original furnishings such as the castle's kitchen, display of arms, small music room as a remembrance of the castle musicians. The jail cells and torture rooms with torture instruments are reminder of the owners powers. In the living quarters of the middle castle are numerous artifacts from Gemer's past, which represent the history of the castle. Former conference room of the county congregations with large table and leather covered chairs of different seat heights. The reason for the different heights of chairs was for the negotiating gentlemen to have their heads at the same level in one line thus confirm their equality at these negotiations. The most valuable piece of the collection is big ornamental closet from end of 17th century, made somewhere in Spis region. It was a gift of Frantisek Rakoczi to the then owner of the castle Zofia Seredi. To me the most interesting artifacts were the leather buckets used to draw water from the castle’s well. The well wasn't cut straight down and by drawing water in metal buckets, most of it got spilled before it reached surface so they changed the metal buckets to leather ones as they would mold to the walls of the wells. Second most interesting artifact was the sword of Palatin Jan Zapolsky at one time the vice King of Hungary. He was the owner of Spis Castle.


Published in the Slovak Heritage Live newsletter Volume 5, No. 4, Winter 1997
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