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Bzovik is a Gothic-Renaisance fortress against Turks and it is former monastery of Premonstrans. Its beginnings date back to before 1135. It was founded by Lampert from family Hunt-Poznanyi together with son Nikolas and wife Zofia, sister of Hungarian King Ladislav. The monastery church was built in the first half of the 12th century, despite its mention for the first time in written records in 1285. During the fights between the followers of Polish Ladislav Jagelovský and Hungarian Elizabeth, local area was devastated by the soldiers of Jiskra that were stationed in near by Krupina. During this time the monastery was rebuilt in Gothic Style. They added a chapel to the old Romanesque single nave church with two towers in 1444-1446. They also built a new monastery wing and garden of paradise. The monastery was burned down in 1471 by people from Krupina.

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In 1530 Zigmund Balassa attacked the monastery, he evicted the monks and rebuilt the monastery on grandiose scale to anti Turkish fortress. The whole former monastery was surrounded by high-fortified wall and four corner bastions. There was a moat surrounding the fortress.  

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After 1678 the fortress was repaired and rebuilt in Baroque style by Estergom’s bishop Juraj Szelepcsényi. These holdings were managed by Estergom’s Chapter up to 1908 when they were sold.


Published in the Slovak Heritage Live newsletter Volume 12, No.2, Summer 2004
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